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Can I use marble in my kitchen?

You can opt for marble in your kitchen, but it isn’t an ideal material for counters. Marble requires care that must be rigorously applied according to the guidelines of our experts. 

My home is under construction, when should I choose the stone that I want to install?

The colour and groove of the rock can vary from lot to lot. We recommend you make your choice two or three weeks before the counters are ready for installation. This will also let you make a more judicious choice amongst our most recent inventory. 

Will my granite or quartz blueprint have visible joints?

The average dimensions of our slabs are between 7’ and 10’, which in turn means that your project will have one or two joints at most. The placement and the visibility of these joints can also be evaluated during the design stage, before production. You can discuss this with our advisors, who will be able to show you that our joints are practically invisible and always of a higher quality. 

Should I prioritize a sink installed underneath or on top of my granite counter?

Sinks under the counter are the more popular choice, due to the ease with which one can clean the counter and keep water drained, while keeping an appealing aesthetic. This choice is slightly more expensive and is a question of taste as well as needs. 

Is granite cheaper than quartz?

Accessibility, colour as well as country of origin all affect the price of granite. The difficulty in obtaining a slab of granite from a popular batch can inflate its price. However there is a vast selection of colours that are offered at the same price or less than quartz.

Is my sample going to be identical to the slab that will be installed?

The sample is not a perfect guarantee of the final product, as the slabs may differ from lot to lot. The direction of the grain and grooves in the rock are quite variable, which is why there is a verification service offered by the technical coordinators at Summum Granit. However, the base colour that is chosen will be relatively the same.  

Should I approve the granite lot before its transformation?

Summum Granite offers a personalized service of approval with photos of our clients selection. These pictures of the stone that will be used to build your counters, as well as the positioning of each piece within the slab ensures your project reaches the desired result with impeccable accuracy!

Can I place hot plates directly on granite?

Yes, granite is heat resistant.

What are the factors that influence the price of a project?

When evaluating the cost of a project, we take into account material costs, the number of squared feet required for the counters, the bordering, polishing, the spaces for sinks and faucets as well as the cost of taking measurements and installation.

How heavy is natural rock?

Three centimeters of granite weighs around 19 pounds (8.6 kg) per square foot. A kitchen with around 80 square feet weighs approximately 1 450 pounds (659 kg).

Can bacteria survive on granite?

The bacteria that builds from use would not survive after a proper cleaning.  

What does the term “honed” mean in regards to granite?

Honed granite is a refined form of granite slabs that you can magnify by using the appropriate sealant should you desire a more vibrant surface. 

Why do certain rock cuts have grilling underneath them?

Grilling is installed underneath certain slabs in order to assure stability during transport and handling and avoid any potential damage to the product.

How can one add an antique look to granite?

Scrubbing the granite with a coarse brush will give it a satin-like finish and add texture to the slab.

Can I use my counters for cutting or is it preferable to use a cutting board?

You can cut directly on the counter, but dong this too often will dull your knives. 

Will there be small holes on the surface of the slab in my counter?

Whether microscopic or visible, most granite slabs have small holes.

Can granite break or scratch?

Yes, if the slab undergoes a large impact granite can break or crack. Most of the time if the break is minor it can be repaired by our experts. 

If my granite has a dull polish, will it stain easier?

The polishing process that brings the slab to a dull finish can lead to the rock being more sensitive to staining. However, if the appropriate sealant is used the granite should stay stain free.